Wolfwalkers 123Movies (2024)

1. Wolfwalkers (2020) Full Movie Watch Online | 123Movies

  • In a time of superstition and magic, when wolves are seen as demonic and nature an evil to be tamed, a young apprentice hunter comes to Ireland with her ...

  • Watch Wolfwalkers (2020) movie online on 123movies, Wolfwalkers (2020) full movie free in hd, watch Wolfwalkers (2020) online, Wolfwalkers (2020) download free without any registration.

2. Watch Wolfwalkers - Movie - Apple TV+

  • A young hunter journeys to Ireland with her father to help wipe out the last wolf pack—but then she befriends a free-spirited girl from a mysterious tribe ...

  • Watch the Oscar®-nominated animated film Wolfwalkers, directed by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart starring Honor Kneafsey, Eva Whittaker, and Sean Bean.

3. WolfWalkers - Cartoon Saloon |

4. Watch Movie Cast Maria Doyle Kennedy 123Movies

  • Cast: Maria Doyle Kennedy · Wolfwalkers (2020) · Jupiter Ascending (2015) · The Conjuring 2 (2016) · Albert Nobbs (2011) · Byzantium (2012) · Sing Street (2016).

  • Watch

5. 123MOVIES-WATCH Wolfwalkers (2020) FULL ONLINE FREE - UpLabs

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6. Wolfwalkers streaming: where to watch movie online? - JustWatch

  • In a time of superstition and magic, when wolves are seen as demonic and nature an evil to be tamed, a young apprentice hunter comes to Ireland with her ...

  • Where is Wolfwalkers streaming? Find out where to watch online amongst 45+ services including Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video.

7. Wolfwalkers on Vimeo

  • Duur: 1:07:30Geplaatst: 4 dec 2020

  • This is "Wolfwalkers" by SFFILM on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

8. Wolfwalkers (2020) Stream and Watch Online | Moviefone

  • Here's the plot: "In a time of superstition and magic, when wolves are seen as demonic and nature an evil to be tamed, a young apprentice hunter comes to ...

  • Stream 'Wolfwalkers' and watch online. Discover streaming options, rental services, and purchase links for this movie on Moviefone. Watch at home and immerse yourself in this movie's story anytime.

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Wolfwalkers 123Movies (2024)


Where else can I watch Wolfwalkers? ›

Honor Kneafsey and Eva Whittaker in “Wolfwalkers,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

Where is the movie Wolfwalkers? ›

The film debuted on Apple TV+ on 11 December 2020, and was later released theatrically in France on 16 December by Haut et Court.

Where can I buy Wolfwalkers? ›

Watch Wolfwalkers - Apple TV+ (UK)

Is the movie Wolfwalkers on Netflix? ›

Will Wolfwalkers be available on Netflix or on demand? Nope — Wolfwalkers is streaming exclusively on Apple TV+. You'll need an Apple TV+ subscription to watch it.

Will they make a Wolfwalkers 2? ›

Moore said there are no plans for Wolfwalkers sequel. "No, I don't think we do sequels per se, it would be unusual if we did that but we do tend to continue in the same vein, so we'll see. The next few films that we do will be quite different. Who knows what's down the line?"

Is there a Wolfwalkers 2? ›

Tomm Moore has stated that there will be no sequel to Wolfwalkers.

Are Wolfwalkers a real myth? ›

This Oscar contender mixes fantastical folktales and Irish history to tell a story that feels fresh. A scene from the animated movie “Wolfwalkers,” based on Irish folklore. The movie “Wolfwalkers” is based on a fantastical premise that comes straight out of Irish folklore.

How old is Mebh in Wolfwalkers? ›

In her human form, Mebh is a 9-year-old wild little girl with green eyes sporting thick red hair as long as her body and having a scraped left ear. Her feet are very dirty because of her life in nature.

Is Wolfwalkers a Disney movie? ›

If you're looking for a beautifully animated family film that's not Disney or Netflix, Irish studio Cartoon Saloon has offered up Wolfwalkers, the third installment of their Irish folklore trilogy.

Where can I watch Wolfwalkers without Apple TV? ›

To watch and stream Wolfwalkers online, you have to purchase an Apple TV+ subscription plan.

Where can I watch Wolfwalkers besides Apple TV? ›

Device availability: Airplay supported, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, Roku TV, Samsung TV, Shareplay supported.

Should I watch Wolfwalkers? ›

Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart's 'Wolfwalkers' is a gorgeous, impressive animated feature that will transport you back to the glory days of hand-crafted aesthetic. While the story doesn't showcase anything we haven't seen before, the movie does deliver it in a way that feels wholly fresh and original.

Is Wolfwalkers for kids? ›

Families with children aged 9 years and above are likely to enjoy Wolfwalkers. But because this movie is quite intense and scary, it isn't suitable for children under 7 years, and we recommend parental guidance for children aged 7-8 years.

How to become a wolf walker? ›

Wolfwalkers are humans who possess the power to become wolves while their human bodies lie sleeping. After being bitten by a Wolfwalker, a human can become one. It is unknown if one can be born a Wolfwalker, though it may be possible.

How much money did Wolfwalkers make? ›

I was reading about the 2020 movie Wolfwalkers by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart. This movie cost about 11 million dollars to produce, and made around 1.35 million at the box office.

Can I watch Wolfwalkers on Disney? ›

Where can you watch and stream Wolfwalkers? You can watch and stream Wolfwalkers on Apple TV+. The animated fantasy film is currently available for streaming on Apple TV+ via subscription. Wolfwalkers is directed by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart.

What platform is 100% Wolf on? ›

How to Watch 100% Wolf. Right now you can watch 100% Wolf on Disney+. You are able to stream 100% Wolf by renting or purchasing on Google Play, Amazon, and Vudu.

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