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Let’s delve into Joe Rogan’s secret weapon: supplementation. Whether it’s the gym, podcasting, or life on the road, Rogan relies on a well-planned supplement strategy to fill in the dietary gaps and ensure peak performance. Learn how these supplements contribute to his energy, drive, and overall success.

Joe Rogan’s supplement regimen consists of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), accompanied by the Onnit products Alpha Brain and Shroom Tech, alongside essential additions such as Athletic Greens, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Fish oil, and CBD. As a vested owner of Onnit, he unequivocally endorses the brand as his preferred choice for supplements.

Certainly, Joe Rogan has experimented with various “supplements” over time, yet there are a select few that have stood the test of time, remaining constants in his stack for decades, and are the cornerstone of his success. However, without over-thinking it, these are the supplements that play a crucial part in Rogan’s health, fitness, and diet.

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Rogan’s tendency for experimentation is driven by the pursuit of optimization, continually fine-tuning his approach to identify the most effective solutions for his ever-changing needs. It’s a recognition that, as a person ages and their body undergoes changes, being adaptable in supplementation strategies becomes important.

I am on Testosterone Replacement Therapy and every vitamin known to man.

-Joe Rogan on JRE #1642 w/ Andrew Santino

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Rogan openly admits that he takes TRT, saying that it has revitalized his life, basically using it to enhance his peak physical performance. Additional benefits include:

  • Increased libido
  • Boosted energy
  • Increased muscle building
  • Better memory
  • More confidence

While Rogan does incorporate several additional supplements to address nutrient and vitamin deficiencies, he unequivocally regards TRT as his primary cornerstone, attributing the most significant results to it.


Joe Rogan’s concept of “filling in the gaps” is essentially about ensuring that his body gets all the essential nutrients it needs, with a particular focus on vitamins. In his hectic and demanding life, vitamins serve as the crucial components that bridge any nutritional shortfalls, guaranteeing he maintains peak energy, focus, and overall well-being.

1. Athletic Pure Pack Multivitamin

On Rogan’s podcast he stated that he much prefers vitamins in powdered, encapsulated form over a hard compressed tablet pill. The reason is all about proper absorption.

If you’re trying to supplement like Rogan, you should start with the Athletic Pure Pack by Pure Encapsulations, which come in capsules:

In JRE #802 with Tom Papa, Rogan pulled some Athletic Pure Pack multivitamins out of his backpack, explaining that he takes them everyday and always keeps them on him.

2. B12

“B12 is huge. B12 is big.” – Rogan to Tom Papa when they talked about supplementation. Vitamin B12 is one of the most important vitamins for Joe Rogan, one that he takes everyday and frequently mentions on his podcast.

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After hearing Rogan talk about B12, I got a bottle for myself from Costco (Kirkland brand), and noticed a nice boost in my energy levels after taking it. In general, B12 is very reasonably priced and can be found rather cheap on Amazon.

3. Vitamin D3

Rogan mentions vitamin D, specifically D3 that he takes on a frequent basis. He said about vitamin D: “Very good. Very important.”

Although Vitamin D is typically associated with sun exposure, Joe Rogan consistently takes it, even though he spends ample time outdoors engaging in activities such as hill runs and playing with his dog Marshall, just to ensure he “covers all his bases.”

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Vitamin D3 is also available on Amazon for nice price – Vitamin D3.

4. DHA Fish Oil

“Super, super important for brain function…Omega 3’s and 6’s are critical. That is what fish oil is. There is no doubt about that.”

–Joe Rogan on taking fish oil

Rogan supplements with fish oil as part of his daily routine, always trying to get his essential fatty acids in. For him, the key is to get the kind of fish oil that has DHA in it. Available on Amazon – DHA Fish Oil.

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Onnit Brand Products

As a vested owner in Onnit, Rogan stays loyal to the brand on any opportunity he can. I myself am a big fan of Onnit products, as well, having noticed great results from both Alpha Brain and Shroom Tech.

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Alpha Brain (Nootropic)

Alpha Brain, a product by Onnit, is a nootropic that enhances brain function. Memory, mental speed, and focus, are the advertised benefits of taking Alpha Brain. Rogan swears by it and has been taking it for a long time, including mentioning he is a big fan of the new Alpha Brain – Black Label.

Consulting with Aubrey Marcus at Onnit, Rogan had the unique opportunity of contributing a lot of input on the product, before it was ever released to the public. Rogan had really wanted a nootropic and Onnit delivered a great one. Joe Rogan and Aubrey Marcus talked about what Alpha Brain is all about. (YouTube Video)

“It’s all based off science. I mean we have double blind placebo controlled studies. It’s not something we invented in terms of the actual nutrients and their response to human neurotransmitters. It’s all been documented.”

-Joe Rogan on Alpha Brain
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*Alpha Brain is one of my favorite supplements I’ve ever taken. As advertised, I felt like my mind was sharper, quicker, and vocabulary was on point. As a tennis instructor, I felt like my leadership and confidence with my students was on steroids.

Available in a 90 count bottle of Alpha Brain on Amazon.

One negative was some nausea the first time I took it. It cleared up when I, as the instructions directed, ate it with a meal. Also, I cut back to just taking one pill instead of two and then I never felt nausea again, just the benefits.

Shroom Tech (Pre-Workout)

“It’s rare that you get something that works so good that’s not a stimulant…it gives you like an extra push in your workout that for me is very tangible. And again there is science behind it.”

– Rogan on Onnit’s Shroom Tech

On Onnit’s Shroom TECH Sport page, they describe the benefits as: boosting exercise volumes, assisting aerobic performance, and helping the body with cellular energy.

Rogan likes to give Shroom Tech sport, an all-natural pre-workout, out to his friends who are hardcore and like to workout. He says that everyone he gives Shroom Tech to absolutely loves it. Rogan and Aubrey Marcus created a YouTube video describing the product.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

Rogan, a big advocate, has been taking CBD for quite some time now. He mentioned on his podcast that he didn’t even know he had anxiety until he started taking CBD (YouTube video) and the CBD alleviated his anxiety. But after trying it, it was amazing how relaxed he felt.

Which CBD oil does Rogan use?

Rogan’s CBD podcast sponsor, CBDMD, is his preferred choice for this supplement. CBDMD has a variety of products, including topicals, gummies, oils, capsules, sleep aids, and CBD for pets.

He also mentioned on JRE podcast #1542 with Cam Hanes that he had been having arthritis in his toes, and after taking CBD in the form of gummy bears, the CBD cleared it right up.

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Joe Rogan’s CBD Drink

Rogan is a big fan of the Kill Cliff brand of products, which feature a line of CBD drinks that are delicious. He mentions the “mango tango” flavor as one of his favorites. They stock his fridge at the podcast studio as seen in Rogan’s Instagram post:

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Kill Cliff, founded by former Navy SEAL Todd Ehrlich, also announced a partnership with Rogan on a CBD drink, called the Flaming Joe, which is spicy pineapple flavored. Later, another viral product was released – Elk Blood.

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Athletic Greens – Vitality, Health, and Enegry

For vitality, Rogan takes another supplement, also a JRE podcast sponsor, called Athletic Greens which is an all-in-one green supplement powder that is vegan and keto friendly, as well as gluten-free. Also, available on Amazon – Athletic Greens.

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Other Supplements Joe Rogan Talks About


“One in particular that I have become obsessed with is Sulforaphane. And that is found in the cruciferous family like kale, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, wasabi, bok choy…”

-Dr. Rhonda Patrick on the JRE Podcast

Dr. Patrick, a long-time recurring guest of the JRE podcast, describes sulforaphane as the best food supplement for your health (YouTube video). Sulforaphane becomes bio-available when cruciferous vegetables become broken up, either by chewing them in your mouth or ground up in a blender.

Available and reasonably priced on Amazon – Sulforaphane Supplement.


Thank you for reading! Please follow my Instagram – @ericclaggett and see what I’m currently up to.

Joe Rogan Supplement Guide: Exactly What You Need | Rogan Tribe (2024)
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