Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon with Gate of Babylon? - [102] Ais's Upgrade! (2024)


A gentle breeze brushed by, and warm sunlight covered the earth. Under the sunlight, the small grass sprouted tender buds, adding a touch of red to the clear sky.

Today's weather was indeed pleasant, a perfect day.

However, in Loki Familia, a sudden shout disrupted the tranquility and beauty of this moment.

"Ais has upgraded to level 6!!!"

Loki's voice echoed throughout Twilight Manor, and everyone heard it.

Even August, who had just returned and stepped into manor gate, heard the announcement.

August couldn't help but chuckle. The timing of his return was just perfect, neither too early nor too late.

Soon, everyone gathered in the reception hall. All eyes were on Ais, who had just leveled up from level 5 to level 6. Among the new generation, Ais was the first to reach level 6.

"Ais, did you really level up to level 6?"

Tiona asked with some disbelief.


Ais nodded, but her calm demeanor made everyone glance at her curiously.

"I'm really envious. I also want to level up, but unfortunately, achieving great feats is just too challenging."

"Yeah, achieving great feats is incredibly difficult, especially level 5 feats, which are even more challenging."

Tiona and Tione, the two sisters, were full of envy at the moment.

Although there was only a one-level difference between level 5 and level 6, the gap was enormous.

Level 5 could only be considered a level adventurer in Orario, powerful but not uncommon among the major familias.

However, level 6 was different. Throughout Orario, level 6 was a top-tier adventurer, a small group of people standing at the pinnacle of the pyramid.

As for level 7, in the current Orario, it was already legendary because there was only one level 7, Ottar from Freya Familia.

"Ais, what feat did you achieve?"

Finn inquired at this moment.

"I defeated the 37th floor boss."

"Udaeus? Alone?"



Everyone present gasped in shock.

Udaeus was a level 6 monster. Challenging Udaeus with level 5 strength, alone, and actually winning, it was simply unbelievable.

However, such a feat was enough for Ais to level up.

"Ah~, Ais, didn't your sword wear out during the previous expedition because of those new species of monsters? You only sent it to Goibniu Familia a few days ago. What weapon are you using now?"

Tiona asked at this moment.

"August went to Tsubaki and got me a new weapon."

Saying that, Ais took out Mithril Sword.

At the moment everyone saw this sword, they were all astonished.

This was definitely a master-level weapon, and there were only a few in the entire Orario. Moreover, judging by the material, it seemed to be entirely crafted from mithril, making it even more valuable.

Meanwhile, Riveria was the only one who sensed something special from Ais's words.

August took her to Tsubaki's place to "obtain" a new weapon.

Not bought, not borrowed, but obtained.

The difference between these terms was significant.

At this moment, a thought suddenly appeared in Riveria's mind, something she was reluctant to believe. The thought was that there might be no connection between August and Tsubaki.

If August were here at this moment and knew what Riveria was thinking, he would definitely say, "Watson, you've found a blind spot."

Looking at Ais, who was surrounded by everyone, Riveria quickly dismissed this thought. However, once a notion formed, forgetting it became incredibly difficult.

On the other side, August did not come here because no one else knew he had returned.

Back in his room, August turned and entered the inner world.

Inside, the air was incredibly fresh. There was no sun above, but sunlight seemed to come from an unknown source, and it disappeared at night, which intrigued August.

Without wasting time, August took out the Gift he had received before, Water Seedling.

After planting it in this small world, August could feel a vitality and magical energy flowing from the black soil under his feet into the Water Seedling.

Following that, the Water Seedling visibly grew at a rapid pace, eventually becoming a tree similar in size to an apple tree.


It didn't end there. A groove slowly appeared on the side, and water started flowing continuously from the roots of the Water Seedling, or rather, the Water Tree.

In no time, it turned into a small river, extending all the way to the edge.

The water disappeared upon touching the boundary of the mist.

This river was a flowing stream, not a stagnant puddle.

August was somewhat surprised at everything happening. He had only experimented a bit, and unexpectedly, something so interesting occurred in this world that accepted and assisted the growth of the Water Sapling.

"Hmm? What is this?"

Suddenly, August saw bright blue fruits hanging from the Water Tree.

He directly picked one, not hesitating, and took a bite.

The next moment, August was stunned because what entered his mouth wasn't the flesh of the fruit but a mouthful of water.

Looking at the fruit in his hand, the bitten area turned deep blue, resembling blue jelly. The inside was water.

August couldn't help but smile, this was really interesting.

It seemed that planting the Water Seedling here was a very correct choice.

Although August didn't know what kind of Gift the Water Seedling was in other land, here, it was excellent. August hadn't expected the Water Seedling to continue growing.

Looking at the spacious surroundings, August already had an idea in mind.

He wanted to turn this place into his exclusive utopia.

Now that there was water here, August's first thought was to bring in some life, raise some animals, and farm some land.

He wanted to experience the peace that comes from raising animals and farming, it must be the perfect place to relax his mind from the burdens of the outside world.

Besides that, planting a bit of land would allow him to be self-sufficient. Even if any special circ*mstances arose, he could use this small world to remain safe.

No shortage of food and water, plus the ability to avoid danger, perfect.

However, August wondered if foreign creatures would still be attacked by the mist.

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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon with Gate of Babylon? - [102] Ais's Upgrade! (2024)
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