20 Sorrel Recipes (+ How to Cook It) (2024)

Have you been thinking about giving sorrel a try? These sorrel recipes will inspire new creations and culinary sensations.

Sorrel has been growing in popularity over the years. One bite, and you’ll see why.

20 Sorrel Recipes (+ How to Cook It) (1)


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It’s a nutrient-dense perennial that you can use like an herb or leafy green. It has a distinct lemon flavor that’s tart and bright.

So it’s a natural choice to enhance a wide variety of dishes.

Flavor aside, it’s also brimming with a wide range of nutrients. Vitamin C, iron, and calcium to name a few.

If you’re feeling a little wild with your cooking, give these sensational sorrel recipes a try.

1. Grilled Wild Pizza

Who doesn’t like pizza? As a universal favorite, there’s no better way to introduce you to sorrel than as a pizza topping.

This wild specialty is a forager’s dream. The toppings include not only sorrel but nettles and chives, too.

When you cook it on the grill, you also get the perfect crust.

2. White Bean Sorrel Hummus

This hummus is one sneaky devil! It ramps up the nutrition while getting you to happily eat your greens.

The intense lemon flavor of sorrel is the perfect match.

While hummus is traditionally made with chickpeas, the white beans make it super velvety.

Grab some veggie sticks because you won’t want to miss out on this dip.

3. Summer Sorrel Soup (Green Borscht)

Soups aren’t just for winter, they’re for summer too.

So when you need nourishment after an activity-filled day, throw on a pot of sorrel soup.


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Sorrel replaces greens like spinach and chard.

Meanwhile, garlic, onions, potatoes, carrots, and boiled eggs revitalize your body.

4. Chicken Thighs with Sorrel and Green Garlic

Are you looking for a new easy chicken thigh recipe? Grab a baking dish and let’s get started.

This savory rustic dinner is minimalistic and comforting.

Aside from sorrel and garlic stalks, all you need are olive oil, salt, and pepper.

If you don’t have garlic stalks, you can use cloves instead.

Pair this with roasted root veggies or white rice for a full meal.

5. Mussel and Sorrel Risotto

Try out your culinary skills with this restaurant-quality risotto.

This classy seafood dish has a sensational combination of ingredients.

Sorrel, mussels, and garlic scapes are the main highlights. Of course, so is the decadent arborio rice.

Cooking mussels and risotto can be a bit intimidating. Especially when you add a new ingredient like sorrel.

But don’t worry, this recipe has everything you need.

6. Spring Quiche

If you want to try sorrel but aren’t feeling adventurous, go with quiche.

Quiche is a safe bet that’s crowd-pleasing. It’s also very spring forward with the addition of spinach, chives, and leeks.

Add feta to the mix and it’s a masterpiece.

So don’t keep it all for yourself. Bring it to your next potluck or brunch for sharing.

7. Roasted Kale, Romanesco, and Chickpeas with Sorrel Sunflower Pesto

Everything tastes better with a little pesto.

This nut-free pesto skips the basil entirely for sorrel. It adds an extra lemon layer that goes great with sunflower seeds.

Toss it all together with roasted Romanesco, kale, and chickpeas for a farmer’s market feast.

It’s a vibrant medley of roughage that boosts your immunity.

So it’s a great choice when you need a big bowl of detoxifying greens.

8. Creamy Sorrel Smoothie

When uncertain, toss sorrel in a smoothie.

Sorrel will give your morning beverage a boost of antioxidants.

It also has a complementary lemon flavor to go with bananas, nut milk, and dates.

And don’t sell yourself short on the flaxseed and chia seeds. These little powerhouses of energy do the body good.

9. Asparagus and Sorrel Puff Pastry Tart

Spread the sorrel love by adding it to puff pastry.

You can never have too many puff pastry appetizers to whip up for a party. And these tarts scream shareable bites.

Every slice is flaky, buttery goodness with asparagus and a creamy sorrel spread on top.

10. Sorrel Omelette & Seaweed Wrap

I’ll bet you’ve never had an omelet like this!

The cherry tomatoes and seaweed are standard.

But then it gets inventive with seaweed, sorrel, and seaweed bacon.

The next time you’re feeling venturesome with your breakfast, give it a try. It’s tart, savory, umami, and incredibly healthy.

11. Trout with Sorrel Sauce

If you’re into foraging and fishing, you’ll appreciate this dish.

The fresh catch of the day features a rich and creamy sorrel sauce.

Cooking the sorrel tones it down a bit, while still giving the sauce plenty of bite.

With simple steps and few ingredients, it’s one seafood dinner anyone can make.

12. Sorrel (Ngayi Ngayi) Salad

Sorrel is sometimes called a lemonade leaf for its tart punch. So if you’re looking for an invigorating salad, you’ll find it here.

Basil, roasted sweet potato, cherry tomatoes, and avocado help to mellow it out.

For the dressing, skip the lemon juice. Use vinegar, olive oil, mustard, and honey instead.

13. Potato and Sorrel Salad with Yogurt Dressing

This is not your grandmother’s potato salad.

Sure, it’s creamy and loaded with spuds. The difference is it has cucumber and sorrel.

From sour to sweet and everything in between, it has a wide contrast of flavors for so few ingredients.

14. Polish Sorrel Soup (Zupa Szczawiowa)

Zupa Szczawiowa is a Polish soup that’s popular in the spring. This is not surprising considering sorrel is in season.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, this heart-warming soup will revitalize your mind, body, and soul.

The sorrel is invigorating and the root veggies are nourishing.

15. Andhra Gongura Pappu

Andhra gongura pappu is a type of dal featuring sorrel leaves.

It’s tangy, earthy, and packed with spices. It’s also got a kick of fire from green chili and red chili powder.

Warm up a slice of flatbread and prepare it for dipping. You’ll want to sop up every last bite.

16. Roasted Sorrel Chips

You’ve probably had kale chips before. But have you tried sorrel chips?

These crispy chips are healthy bites you can munch on until your heart’s content.

All you need are three ingredients and 25 minutes.

Vegan and gluten-free, sorrel chips are a smart snack.

17. Sorrel Salad with Lentils and Potatoes

There are two reasons to love this dish. First, it’s nutritious. Second, it’s affordable.

Okay, there’s a third. It’s super tasty!

Earthy lentils, waxy potatoes, and tart sorrel meld with a turmeric parsley vinaigrette.

It’s a humble dish that saves you money and it’s plant-based.

18. Classic French Sorrel Sauce

If your garden has a high yield of sorrel, savor it with a classic French sauce.

Tart, lemon, and creamy, it’s surprisingly a well-balanced sauce.

Drizzle it on eggs Benedict, pour it over meats, or try it with roasted potatoes.

It’s guaranteed to add a burst of flavor to any dish.

19. Smoked Mackerel and Sorrel Pâté

This pâté will have all your guests asking, “What’s that?”

Savory, smoky, creamy, and bright, this rustic spread has a wonderful flavor. And it uses so few ingredients.

Trader Joe’s tends to have a good deal on canned smoked mackerel.

You can also try this with smoked trout if you can’t get your hands on some.

Either way, it will have everyone raving about sorrel.

20. Malloreddus with Sorrel Pesto

Watch out basil, sorrel is in the house!

If you really want to make pesto pop, add sorrel. The pungent, tart lemon-flavored leaves give it quite the kick.

To keep it in check, you’ll still want to use basil. For a salty umami twist, use anchovies too.

Then take that glowing pesto and smother the malloreddus. It’s a type of Sardinian gnocchi that’s like little pillows of heaven.

With so much flavor in the pesto, you don’t need anything else to go with it.

20 Sorrel Recipes (+ How to Cook It) (2)

20 Sorrel Recipes (+ How to Cook It)

Try these sorrel recipes for meals you won’t forget! From pizza to soup to quiche, you’ll enjoy learning how to cook with sorrel.


  • Grilled Wild Pizza

  • White Bean Sorrel Hummus

  • Summer Sorrel Soup (Green Borscht)

  • Chicken Thighs with Sorrel and Green Garlic

  • Mussel and Sorrel Risotto

  • Spring Quiche

  • Roasted Kale, Romanesco, and Chickpeas with Sorrel Sunflower Pesto

  • Creamy Sorrel Smoothie

  • Asparagus and Sorrel Puff Pastry Tart

  • Sorrel Omelette & Seaweed Wrap

  • Trout with Sorrel Sauce

  • Sorrel (Ngayi Ngayi) Salad

  • Potato and Sorrel Salad with Yogurt Dressing

  • Polish Sorrel Soup (Zupa Szczawiowa)

  • Andhra Gongura Pappu

  • Roasted Sorrel Chips

  • Sorrel Salad with Lentils and Potatoes

  • Classic French Sorrel Sauce

  • Smoked Mackerel and Sorrel Pâté

  • Malloreddus with Sorrel Pesto


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a sorrel recipe in 30 minutes or less!
20 Sorrel Recipes (+ How to Cook It) (3)

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20 Sorrel Recipes (+ How to Cook It) (2024)


How do you prepare sorrel to eat? ›

Cook sorrel in the same way as spinach, lightly steamed or boiled. Sorrel stalks can be cooked like rhubarb. The acidity of sorrel is tamed by cooking in butter or cream or by topping sorrel with a cream sauce. Sorrel soups are commonly thickened with eggs and cream.

Does sorrel need to be cooked? ›

You can also use the raw leaves like you would an herb: chopped up and added to legumes or eggs, or as an addition to yogurt or sour cream as a refreshing, lemony dip. Cooking reduces sorrel's oxalic acid content, and it also makes the leaves soft and rich and delicious, like really good spinach.

What do you do with the herb sorrel? ›

If you've never tried sorrel, be prepared to pucker up. This spring green is packed with potent astringency and a lemony, citrus-like flavor. It bump up the acidic quality of salads (just use less vinegar or lemon juice), and is great eaten raw. It also cooks down quickly in a sauté pan.

What does cooked sorrel taste like? ›

What Does It Taste Like? Sorrel has a remarkably bright and tart flavor. Many people liken its taste to lemons which is likely due to its sour flavor. It can be tricky to work with since that lemony flavor is mixed with a deep grassy flavor.

What is the best way to use sorrel? ›

Combine sorrel with other spring greens like arugula and spinach or use it all by itself in this vibrant pesto that perfect slathered on socca flatbread or tossed with pasta. If you're not quite sure how to use up a handful of sorrel, pasta (of any sort) is always a delicious solution.

What part of sorrel do you eat? ›

Its leaves and flowers are used raw in salads, or can be used to replace lemon or lime in dishes requiring an acidic zing. Sorrel can be used as a garnish, a salad leaf, a green for a great soup, stews or as a sweet ingredient for cakes and sorbets.

Who should not eat sorrel? ›

If you experience any adverse symptoms after eating it or are allergic to other plants in the same family, such as rhubarb, buckwheat, and knotweed, you may need to avoid it. It's also worth noting that sorrel contains oxalate, a common plant compound that can block the absorption of minerals like calcium (17, 18).

What are the disadvantages of sorrel? ›

Wood sorrel is UNSAFE, especially when used when used in higher doses. Wood sorrel can cause diarrhea, nausea, increased urination, skin reactions, stomach and intestine irritation, eye damage, and kidney damage. Swelling of the mouth, tongue, and throat can make speaking and breathing difficult.

How do you know when sorrel is ready? ›

Sorrel is ready to harvest when the leaves are about 4 inches long. Tender leaves are best for eating. If you collect the older outer leaves through a process called “cut and come again,” you will have a steady supply throughout the season.

How much sorrel is safe per day? ›

The recommended dosage of sorrel is around ½ cup of sorrel leaves, which provides about half of your daily vitamin C and vitamin A needs. It is also rich in potassium and magnesium.

Is sorrel a laxative? ›

The fresh or dried leaves are considered astringent, diuretic (increasing urination), laxative (softening the bowel), and cooling. Juice of the leaf has also been applied topically for the treatment of itchy skin and for treatment of ringworm.

What does sorrel do to the blood? ›

Sorrel might slow blood clotting. Taking sorrel along with medications that also slow blood clotting might increase the risk of bruising and bleeding.

What is sorrel called in America? ›

Sorrel (Rumex acetosa), also called common sorrel or garden sorrel, is a perennial herbaceous plant in the family Polygonaceae. Other names for sorrel include spinach dock and narrow-leaved dock ('dock' being a common name for the genus Rumex).

What is the best sorrel to eat? ›

Many people enjoy wood sorrel, but sheep sorrel gives you much more bang for your buck. The succulent, tart leaves are great as a garnish and in salads, but they're at their best added by the handful and cooked into a dish as an herb.

What do Spanish people call sorrel? ›

You've probably heard of sorrel by other names. In Latin America, particularly Mexico, the flower is referred to as flor de Jamaica, and the drink is called Agua de flor de Jamaica. You might have also heard of it being called roselle, which is its African reference.

Can I eat raw sorrel? ›

Uses: Sorrel can be eaten raw or cooked. If using uncooked sorrel leaves, choose smaller leaves for tastiest results. Raw sorrel can be included in a mixed green salad - it goes particularly well with baby spinach leaves.

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